Improving Your Conversion Rate

Individuals, when visiting a site, expect the site to load..

Improving Your Conversion Rate

Individuals, when visiting a site, expect the site to load immediately. Any delay isn’t considered acceptable, and they may leave and obtain the information or product they desire elsewhere. When a page loads quickly, however, it ranks better and more people convert. What can a company do to improve their site speed and page speed, as Google takes this information into account when ranking a site?

Minimize Redirects

Each time one page directs the visitor to another page on the site, additional time is needed to carry out the HTTP request-response cycle. This decreases the site speed and may lead to a dissatisfied visitor. Make certain there are the minimum number of redirects on a site to improve site speed and conversions.

Optimize Code

Optimizing code isn’t as difficult as many believe. By simply going in and removing those characters that aren’t necessary, a site can improve its speed quickly. Unused code and code comments should also be taken out. YUI Compressor is of great help for those sites making use of JavaScript and CSS to achieve this goal.

Image Optimization

Don’t overlook images when optimizing the site. Don’t make any image larger than it absolutely has to be, and check to ensure each image is making use of the proper file format. For example, JPEGs are great for photos, but PNGs should be reserved for those graphics that contain less than 16 colors. Furthermore, compress images for use on the web. Changes such as these can significantly increase page and site speed.

Research has shown that a page with a long load time will result in individuals spending less time on the page, if they remain at all. As the load time increases, the conversion rate decreases also. This doesn’t take into account long load times mean search engines crawl fewer page on the site, which could have a negative impact on indexation. The above changes are only a few the site can make to boost speed. If site speed is a concern within your organization, turn to CRO Specialists for assistance. They work with sites to make the changes necessary to improve page and site speed so conversions go up.